IBI Group (“IBI”) has been retained by Columbia International College (“CIC” or “Owner”) to provide independent professional planning services and opinion with respect to the proposed adaptive reuse of the existing Sisters of St Joseph Convent Building (“Building B”, “Motherhouse”, or “SSOJ”) for conversion to a proposed secondary school campus with a proposed gymnasium building addition, with a focus on grade 12 students.  This proposal builds from the recently approved Temporary Use By-law approval for conversion of the Motherhouse to a residence for student accommodation.  While that approval confers no additional use permissions, it is an interim measure for CIC while the ultimate goal of conversion to a secondary school campus is sought.  The initial step is the submission of a Niagara Escarpment Plan Amendment (“NEPA”) to allow the proposed secondary school use.


See links below for detailed reports, plans and applications.

Revised and Updated Materials – NEPA Resubmission

Original Application Materials – NEPA First Submission